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stupidity never fails

Posted by gingav on 2012/04/05

you see them rushing to send inane, irate comments to whatever captures their minuscule minds.

this time, to a socially unacceptable drama of a pretty woman.

exploited (how else?) by yahoo.

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dark and delicious

Posted by gingav on 2012/03/02

I used to work with a bunch of uptight religious people so sometimes I didn’t wear panties and just smiled and chuckled to myself.”

we are all so human.

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the insider

Posted by gingav on 2011/04/21

“British researchers on Wednesday revealed that iPhones (and 3G-enabled iPads) keep track of where you go, including timestamps, on a file that is backed up on your computer and shifted onto any new iPhone or iPad you get. Apple hasn’t said why the file is created or whether the tracking can be prevented.”


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dame with saw

Posted by gingav on 2011/04/08

Georgian pensioner cuts off Internet in Georgia, Armenia

simple solutions. most effective.

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little perverts

Posted by gingav on 2011/02/17

prairie dogs kiss more when watched

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vivian revealed

Posted by gingav on 2011/01/21



© Maloof Collection, Ltd.

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Posted by gingav on 2011/01/13

the young guy turns his head towards me, with a thin smile, and claims he’s sorry. I say “no problem, man”. I’ve just been trying to get a photo of the track and probably touched him. or perhaps he noticed me trying to take a photo and felt some kind of guilt for being so tall.

he was tall, very tall. his height drew my attention, eventually. impossibly tall. I looked down, and there it was: a block of styrofoam, perhaps 20 cm high, under his feet.

I asked him quietly: do you intend to sit on the block during the championship?

he nodded.

I said: but people behind have no chance to see anything!

there were lots of people behind us. all waiting, full of excitement, to watch the race – the slalom, a beautiful show, the best female skiers in the world competing on the hermann mayer slope in flachau, austria.

some of the people behind us were tall, a few even taller than myself. there were, however, lots of shorter people. the guy in front of me was 30cm taller than I am.

I said: it’s not fair! he smiled thinly again, not even bothering to look (down) at me. he shrugged. not his problem.

it pissed me off instantly.

five meters and eight people away, a group of seven policemen sat watching raptly the big screens. I squeezed myself there and sat by the last policemen to the right, and I looked at the monitor. I have no idea what was there, could see only colored pixels, mostly angry-red.

I said quietly to the policeman near me, a man in his late forties, a bit tanned and with a wide face: is it allowed for someone to put a block of something under his feet, to get higher?

he looked at me sideways, decided that I’m not at all important and returned to watching the big screen. nodded once.

but, I said, it’s not fair to the people behind!

he shrugged. not his problem.

well then, I said, am I allowed to burn the damn block? after all, it’s only styrofoam!

now he let his sideways gaze linger a bit over my face. we even made eye contact. he smiled as in anticipation of some pleasant event. he negated, wisely, silently. no, I’m not allowed to burn the damn block. if I do that, that will be his problem.

…which only confirmed what I already knew: against impertinence we are helpless.

and also confirmed: insolence is international. the guy on the styrofoam block was austrian.

anyway, the evening was already spoiled. not even my face on the big screen managed to cheer me up again.

* * *

then the great firefighter appeared. he patrolled the no-mans-area and instantly cheered me up. with his crooked nose, prominent cheekbones, too-big clothes, huge hand gloves, light-blue eyes and enormous yellow teeth, he was my hero of the evening. better than the girls competing.

way better.

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when you came in the air went out…

Posted by gingav on 2010/12/30

best opening credits ever…

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